How Mondelez used location tactics to boost sales of their Mother’s Day Milka Pralinés by 34%*, to make it one of their most successful Mother’s Day campaigns ever.

Mother’s Day is one of the most important dates in the confectionery calendar, as chocolate becomes the go to gift to give. Facing fierce brand competition, Carat Germany developed and implemented a smart location strategy for Mondelez, leveraging GroundTruth’s location technology to drive customers to key ‘bricks and mortar’ stockists. The objective was that by increasing store visitation, Mondelez would also increase sales of their special edition Mother’s Day Milka Pralinés range, and GroundTruth would partner with IRI to provide measurable, real-world results.

Our location solutions

Audience targeting was used to reach a ‘budget leader’ audience, who were identified as regularly visiting specific affordable supermarket chains. Using location technology, we built audiences based on shopping behaviours, targeted adults who were likely to purchase chocolate on behalf of children and created lookalike audiences for selective targeting.

Location targeting was used to identify and reach those in close proximity to listed stores. Using GroundTruth’s Blueprints technology, Mondelez were able to define outlines of specific stores and set targeting parameters to attract relevant gift givers.

A series of banners and eye-catching rich media formats with simple, yet impactful messages were used to capture attention. Dynamic distance and interactive mapping were used to conveniently point people to nearby stores.

Our partnership with market research firm IRI allowed us to access sales data from the selected stores, to validate the direct impact of the campaign on in-store purchases.

Real Results

Case Study / Mondelez

As Milka don’t have direct ownership of distribution channels, but work with many supermarkets including Rewe, Edeka, Real and and to sell their products, they needed a solution that led consumers to key stockists and provided evidence of sales achieved as a direct result of the campaign.

At the heart of the campaign, therefore, was a strategy that used GroundTruth’s location data, alongside IRI’s measurement methods, to attribute actual sales of Milka Mother’s Day products in specific brick and mortar stores, to campaign exposure. In doing so, Mondelez were the first brand in Germany to leverage the partnership to measure results in this way.

In od of measurement, Mondelez were able to achieve and prove an additional turnover of 34% in participating stores, thus generating a return on investment of 2.49 euros. Overall, the campaign saw 32,149 visits by the target group to relevant stores, with 45% of visits taking place within 24 hours of viewing the ad, proving the power of place in delivering real-world results.

1 %

uplift in store visitation

1 K

store visits driven