The goal:

To increase awareness and sales of L’Occitane’s new “Terre de Lumière” fragrance whilst driving footfall in UK stores.

Our location solutions.

We used real-time Proximity Targeting to identify people close to specific stores, capture people in the right mindset to purchase and drive visitation. L’Occitane split their audience into 3 different groups:

Group A – audiences who were in close proximity to London stores

Group B – people who were in close proximity to stores outside of London with higher than average footfall

Group C –  a control group made up of stores with smaller footfall

In total, 43 out of 77 UK stores were targeted.


Case Study / L'Occitane

Stores using proximity location targeting saw a sales uplift of 10% and a footfall uplift of 8% over the duration of the campaign.

Consumer engagement from those who had been close to store saw a secondary action rate 190% over the benchmark, with 75% choosing the “Shop Now” option.

42% of recorded store visits were carried out within 72 hours of ad exposure, indicating consumers are more likely to visit when exposure is recent.

1 %

footfall uplift

1 %

sales uplift

1 %

over secondary action rate benchmark